Although she is a beautiful girl,none like to play with her.虽然她很漂亮,但却没人喜欢和她玩.He staggered on his views,although no man agreed with him.尽管没人赞同他的观点,他还是坚持他的看法.也可以把前后两个句子调换顺序Although the ship started to tip over,she soon righted herself.虽然这艘船开始倾覆,但她很快就恢复了直立状态.

although loneliness has always been a friend of mine 孤独一直是我的好朋友.

1.although my uncle is old,he looks very strong and healthy.我的叔叔虽然老了,但他看上去还是很健壮.2.she seemed a babe although she was already thirty.尽管她已经三十岁了,看上去还象个小孩.3.although they can swim,the polar bears are

Although he is a little boy, he knows a lot.Yes , he is very clever

Although he gave up at the very last moment but he was still loved by the crowd.

Although my car is very old, it still runs very well. 我的汽车虽然很旧, 但仍然跑得很快.

althoughI have to go to school although it is rainning .尽管天在下雨,但我还得去上学.

Though he is rich,his life is not happy. 他虽然很有钱,但生活并不幸福. It was a hard job,he took it though. 这是份苦差事,可他还是接受了. Though it was raining,we went there. 虽然下着雨,但我们还是去了那儿. Though it was barely four o'clock,

Although Lucy who has just got 100 points in the English test is extremely excited in her mind,she does not forget to behave modestly in front of her friends.

although 和 but 不能连用.Although many people have the same name they have different personalities.Many people have the same name but they have different personalities.

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