our parents provide us nice place to study我们的父母提供良好的环境给我们学习

he is a famous scientist.

These films are suitable for adults only.这些电影只适宜成人观看.All the students are assigned to suitable jobs.所有的学生都分到了合适的工作.

用凿壁偷 一、凿壁偷光,聚萤作囊;忍贫读书,车胤匡衡.二、韦编三绝,悬梁刺骨,凿壁偷光,囊萤映雪,卧薪尝胆,圆木警枕.三、后来人们总结了一个成语叫做“凿壁偷光”,其实我们读书人的是不能说“偷”,读书人的事…

对 represent做及物动词 声称的时候可以加that的宾语 that可省略 例如:this tend represents new industries are earlier than other index providers.希望能够帮到楼主

vt.1. 影响;对发生作用 The amount of rain affects the growth of crops.雨量影响作物的生长.2. 使感动,使震动 She was deeply affected by the news of her father's death.她父亲去世的消息使她深受震动.3. (病)侵袭;罹患 Her kidneys had

I cannot write without inspiration.没有灵感我写不出东西

吸收 Dry earth absorbs water quickly.干土吸水很快.把…并入, 同化 They absorbed a great deal of the Roman culture.他们大量地吸收了罗马文化.吸引…的注意力, 使全神贯注 International affairs absorb his attention.他专心研究国际问题.

He has been skating since 9 o'clock. 他从9点钟就开始溜冰了.I have been friends with him since I was a child I have learned English since I was five.从五岁我就开始学英语了 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,有疑问可追问,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

my parents are very strict 我的父母非常严格

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