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adapt to造句简单

We are reinventing ourselves to adapt to the changing constituency. 目前我们正在进行大规模改造以便适应不断变化的顾客需求. Yulan magnolia can adapt to a variety of soils. 玉兰花能适应各种土壤.You must adapt to the norms of the society you live in. 在社会中生活就要遵循社会行为准则.

You should adapt your products to the market's requirements


He adapted himself to new conditions.

adapt sth to 适应 atopt采用 没有adopt sth to 这样的短语,但是可以用来表示用某物来做某事 比如 sb ___ sth to teach englishonline 就用adopt

1.It's not easy to adapt ourselves to new conditions. 2.adapt to固定搭配,自己试试吧.

小题1:It took her a long time to adapt to the environment.小题2:There were so many people talking that I couldn't concentrate on the music on the radio.小题3:He didn't


I can adapt to the new life quickly.He was absent from the meetings last night.The farmers used to sit around to tell about all kinds of news. 展开 作业帮用户 2017-11-02 举报

adapt (oneself) to:使(自己)适应于(某种环境);使(自己)习惯于(某事);He adapted to his new surroundings quickly. 他快速适应了新环境.

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