平均数:the average of 3,8,and 10 is 7 高于一般水平;Lily is good at maths-well above average 莉莉的数学很好---远远高出一般水平 通常;on average babies start walking at a year old 婴儿一般都是在一岁时开始走路

On average we receive five letters each day.我们平均每天收到五封信.I spend 50 on books on average each month .我平均每个月花在买书的钱有50元.

the average of 是指具体的某事物的平均数,an average of是泛指某个平均数,不是特指的例如, the average of our wage is not very highwe have many books and we have an average of 35 books per person能体会吗?

on the average[简明英汉词典] 平均,按平均数计算;一般地说 on average on average[简明英汉词典] 平均起来 on an average on an average[简明英汉词典] adv. 作为平均数

He got average grades in this exam.

on average的用法:平均on average 平均通畅普通 on behalf of 代表为了 on board 在船或车飞机等上 平均地普通on average 平均通畅普通 on behalf of 代表为了 on board

Respect is important in our daily life.I always devote myself into my favourite job.Literature is one of the most important forms of arts in the world.The average of yesterday's test is 80.I always st

Travel increases one's knowledge of the world.旅游增进人对世界的了解.Foreign investments there increased five times.那里的外国投资增加了五倍.These flowers will increase every year.这些花会年复一年越长越多.His weight showed an increase of 3 lbs. in a month.他的体重在一个月内增加了三磅.

1 Learning a musical instrument introduces a child to an understanding of music.学一门乐器能引导孩子了解音乐.2 The veto has been a traditional instrument of diplomacy for centuries. 几个世纪以来否决权一直是外交上惯用的手段.3 The

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