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be generous几种搭配

be generous for .



be generous with是固定短语“用很大方”的意思,在这句话中可以当作“他浪费时间” with在这里面是介词,“用”的意思

be useful for sbbe helpful for sbbe good atbe strict with/inbe generous aboutbe interested inbe proud of

选C.My little brother is generous to his friends. He'd like them to share his toys.我小弟弟对他的朋友很慷慨大方,他喜欢与他们一起(分享)玩他的玩具.

英语形容词分类苏章海 形容词是英语词汇中较大的开放性词类.掌握其分类,对提高 generous等)两者有以下区别意义: 1动态形容词可与系动词be的进行体搭配作补

就其词形结构而言,形容词可分为单字形容词和复合形容词.单字形容词有 不带词缀的如big, small, good, hard,有带前缀或后缀的如: dislogal,impossible,unkind;beautiful,voiceless,bloody;unthinkab le,monolingual等.复合形容词的构成是多种多

Betty is generous (with ) the old people .【to be generous with [something]对…不吝啬praise, time】

初二的英语题目(C.is )The munber of the students in our school___about 2000. A.has B.have D.are She is generous with her money.She often gives money to others. Look at the timetable and find out when your train will leave.

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