The president devotes most of his time to peace.

Respect is important in our daily life.I always devote myself into my favourite job.Literature is one of the most important forms of arts in the world.The average of yesterday's test is 80.I always st

We should devote everything we have. 我们应该奉献我们的一切.Softness can overcome strength. 柔能克刚. They inspire students to work hard.他们激励学生努力用功.I have to arrange for everything.我必须准

devote,Therefore, they devote themselves to pursuing learning.因此他们致力于学问的追求. overcome,We shall overcome!我们一定胜利! inspire,You should inspire enthusiasm.你要振奋精神. arrange,I will arrange everything我会安排一切的.

You`ll be compared to a gaint when you devote yourself to country.(当你无保留的为祖国贡献时,你就可以被比作一个巨人!) Children shouldn`t be compared with adults.(孩子不应该拿来和大人一起比较) 前者compare to用作比作为后者compare with比较

devote oneself toIt is a verb. fraise.it means someone puts all his heart into sth but without any other thought .Fro example:Dr.Bethune devoted himself to the Chinese peolpe"s liberation cause.

it is bad that he hit his son it was a pity that she didn"t go to the party. it is beautiful that she has the new pants on it is perfect that he finish this thing. it is good that he is serious about studies it is brave that he tries to solve the puzzling problems it

8.The peopie died at WenChun envoirment added up to 9 million.

1.get along well with 和某人相处融洽 I get along well with all my classmates. 2.be interested in 对..感兴趣 John is interested in reading newspapers . 3.be disappointed with 对失望 The teacher was disappointed with his answers. 4.make

to是介词没错.但在一般情况下,to都是作为不定式出现的.例如这里,不定式to+动词原形在句子中做宾语补足语,且 devote some time to do sth. 不定时还可以作主语:To ert fruits is good for our health. 可作宾语:I like to read book. 还可作表语:My hobby is to go shopping>

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