vt. 鼓励, 激励, 怂恿,赞助, 促进, 助长 反义词discourage 主要有两个句型如下1)encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人(做某事) eg, encourage a man to work better 鼓励一个人更好地工作2)be encouraged by 受鼓励[鼓舞] eg, the boy was

encourage sb in sth 例句:my teacher encouraged me in making progress with diligence.(我的老师鼓励我用勤奋来取得进步) 其他用法:主动语态表达: a encourage b to do sth 被动语态表达: sb be encouraged to do sth sb be encouraged by sb to do sth

vt. 鼓励, 怂恿 v. 鼓励, 鼓励 习惯用语 | 词性变化 | 参考词汇 | 更多近/反义词现代英汉综合大辞典 基本解释 encourage vt. 鼓励, 激励, 怂恿 赞助, 促进, 助长 encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人(做某事) encourage a man to work better 鼓

(1) 动词

appreciate vt. 感激,欣赏 常用结构1)appreciate sth. I really appreciate your help.(不加人做宾语)2)appreciate doing sth I really appreciate your helping me.(不加to do不定式)3)加从句 得先加形式宾语it再接从句 如 I would appreciate it if you can help me.以上句子是appreciate 后接sth.做宾语,应是 appreciate your help,suppport and encouragement, you 确实该是少打了个r

encourage sb. to do sth.鼓励某人做某事

encourage v.鼓励,激励,支持to say or do something that helps someone have the courage or confidence to do somethingmotivate v.给动机; 激发; 刺激to make someone want to achieve something and make the

多看看句子就理解了1)encourage是动词“鼓励”的意思(1) Her parents encouraged her in her studies.父母鼓励她用功.(2) The doctor encouraged him to lose weight.医生鼓励他减肥.(3)This year's sales figures are very encouraging. 今年的销售

他对她的鼓励可以翻译作:his encouragement FOR her.名词(Noun,简称n.),是词类的一种,属于实词,名词表示人、事物、地点或抽象概念的名称.按意义分类1.专有名词表示具体的人,事物,地点,团体或机构的专有名称(第一个字

Some people seem to think that sports and games are unimportant things that people do, at times when they are not working, instead of going to the cinema, listening to the radio, or sleeping. Instead of 的意思是“代替……”、“而不……”,其

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