Our teacher gives us lots of encouragements.我们的老师给予了我们很多鼓励.

With the encouragement of the teacher, I worked harder n. 鼓励, 激励, 奖励

Don't encourage her laziness by doing things for her. 别替她做事,这会助长她的懒惰.

1.She did not sing for fame, it was purely a labour of love.她唱歌不是为了出名,纯粹是为了兴趣.2.She began to ask him questions: Was your father in the Baseball Hall of Fame?她开始向他提问:你父亲在棒球名人馆工作吗?3.The fame of the latter makes it a significant attraction for visitors.后者的光环使得它成为吸引游客的重要作品.

1.The regulations are to be relaxed in the near future.这些规章在近期内即将放宽.2.I need a cup of tea to relax myself.我需要喝杯茶使自己轻松一下.3.It is of great importance to relax the bowels every day.每天使大便通畅是非常重要的.4.It is

Respect is important in our daily life.I always devote myself into my favourite job.Literature is one of the most important forms of arts in the world.The average of yesterday's test is 80.I always st

courage1.We esteem courage . 我们敬重勇气.2.His courage revived.他的勇气恢复了.encourage 1.An enterprise should encourage innovation.企业应鼓励创新.2.Don't encourage his laziness.不要助长他的惰性.encouragement1.Children need more encouragement. 孩子需要更多的鼓励. 2.Encouragement is oxygen to the soul. 鼓励是灵魂的氧气. 祝进步.

1. 不过必要时可以给予鼓励. 2. 这个办法鼓励了每一个人. 3. 她的母亲鼓励它,赞美它. 4. 很多医生鼓励户外活动. 5. 幸福是生活的唯一鼓励. 6. 无论怎么鼓励他,他也不跳. 7. 他发现这足以鼓励他开腔了. 8. 亚历山德拉向她鼓励地点点头. 9. 有人鼓励他们超前消费或借款. 10. 他鼓励学者常去访问.

a relaxing .

I have a wonderful day. 我度过了美好的一天 The weather has been wonderful.近来天气好极了!

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