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sunset drinking

Don't take your red ribbons off You're about to make a fool of yourself In the aluminum sunset Drinking from a drain I'm a hundred miles behind myself Milk and honey Pouring down like money Make a poor boy wanna run Beck Milk and Honey Do

每个人心中都有自己的小王子,而每个人心中的小王子都是独一无二的.据说《小王子》是阅读量仅次于《圣经》的读物,拥有不分国度和年龄的读者,小编摘选了其中12句打动人心的句子,与您一同分享. 1 你知道的当一个人情绪低落

A:have you ever been to a seaside place?B:A seaside place I've been to was the Maldives, it's a island country in south east Asia and it's a popular travel destination for Chinese people. The Maldives is made of many islands and I went to

陶渊明:挽歌三首其一∶ 有生必有死,早终非命促. 昨暮同为人,今旦在鬼录. 魂气散何之?枯形寄空木. 娇儿索父啼,良友抚我哭. 得失不复知,是非安能觉! 千秋万岁后,谁知荣与辱. 但恨在世时,饮酒不得足. 其二∶ 昔在无酒饮,今但湛空觞. 春醪生浮蚁,何时更能尝. 肴案盈我前,亲旧哭我傍. 欲语口无音,欲视眼无光. 昔在高堂寝,今宿荒草乡. 一朝出门去,归来夜未央. 其三∶ 荒草何茫茫,白杨亦萧萧. 严霜九月中,送我出远郊. 四面无人居,高坟正. 马为仰天鸣,风为自萧条. 幽室一已闭,千年不复朝. 千年不复朝,贤达无奈何! 向来相送人,各自还其家. 亲戚或馀悲,他人亦已歌. 死去何所道,托体同山阿.

[图文] Go outside to watch a beautiful sunset. If you are walking with the dog, take the time to admire flowers few days of resting and drinking extra water. If people eat natural poisons, they must go to the hospital

Moslems never eat pork. During Ramadan days they avoid eating or drinking anything between sunrise and sunset. Some of the buddhists do not eat any meat; Sikhs reject beef; in some countries such as India, Indonesia, Mali, or some Arabism,

My wish is that when I get old, I would walk around the Bund with him; we would drink coffee, watch sunrises and sunsets, while we count each other's wrinkles. And for every wrinkle we count, we would tell each other a story.好浪漫阿!楼上的有够Chinglish搂主前面翻的好! 后一句的中文是“每条皱纹都是一个故事”,不是“每数一条,为对方讲一个故事."

醉翁亭记 ZuiWengTing remember

the day was sunny,天气晴朗but i was in a bad mood.但我心情不好at the oncoming party i would have to do some cleaning在就要举行的晚会上,我需要做清洁,for i was considered unable to dance or sing因为我被认为不会唱歌或跳舞.i could

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