he was ill, and therefore could not come. 他病了, 所以未能来. when i say that the boys are lazy, i except you. 我说男孩懒惰, 并不包括你. i feel depressed because i lost my bike which one do you like best? who are you? will you let me do this?

Respect is important in our daily life.I always devote myself into my favourite job.Literature is one of the most important forms of arts in the world.The average of yesterday's test is 80.I always st

I'm too tired even to think.我累得连想也不愿意想. We've already been introduced.我们已经认识了. His parents won't allow him to stay out late.他的父母不会允许他在外待的很晚. A two-minute silence was held as a mark of respect.人们静默两



1. How much meat do you eat in a week?2. How much fruit do you eat?3. How much milk will you have with your coffe or tea?4. How many glasses of water do you have in the morning?5. How many apples do you have a day?

正确写法是 RepresentNow that would represent real progress. 这将代表真正的进步The dove represents peace. 鸽子象征和平

1.i made this cake specially,with brown sugar instead of white.我特别地以红糖代替白糖做了这个蛋糕.2.i gave him advice instead of money.我给了他忠告,而不是钱.3.there is a growing tendency for people to work at home instead of in offices.人

We should respect the old. mistrst没有这个词,你肯定写错了,应该是mistrust It's so dissapointing that you mistrust me. Traveling enriches his horizon.

pron.(反身代词)你们自己;(用以加强语气)你们亲自,你们本人 n.你自己( yourself的名词复数 );(用以加强语气)亲自 yourself 是你自己 ;yourselves 是你们自己;1.You must find yourselves some chairs for the meeting.你们要给你们自

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